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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Proposal

The area being discussed is designated as a “Planned Neighbourhood” by the City of Parksville. What does this mean?

The City of Parksville has created a community plan to guide future growth and development so that it’s aligned with the community’s values and goals. This plan is called the Official Community Plan (OCP).

In the OCP, the area of 1465 Greig Road is located within one of the designated Planned Neighbourhoods. This designation provides an outline for developers to propose residential projects that are aligned with the City’s overall vision. 

To learn more about Parkville’s OCP, click here. The Planned Neighbourhoods designation can be found on page 112.

When will the development start?

We are currently in the preliminary stages of the planning process for the riverside area of 1465 Grieg Road. The goal at this phase is to identify the local community’s priorities to inform the overall plan. Rezoning and OCP process

Details, including the timeline of any development, will be planned and communicated out at a later stage. Please register your email address on the website to stay informed.

Are the “project phases” a typical municipal approvals process for a development?

Yes, the project phases set out will follow a typical municipal approvals process for a development within B.C., and in this case they are also specific to the City of Parksville’s requirements. For more information about the City of Parksville’s development municipal approvals process you can go to the City’s Community Planning and Building webpage.

How long are the project phases expected to take?

Each project phase varies in length of time due to the ongoing process with the municipality, in this case the City of Parksville. Details, including the timeline of any development, will be planned and communicated out at a later stage. Please register your email address on the website to stay informed.

How were the commitments for the riverside area determined?

The commitments were created based on early research and consultation with a team of consultants. We also partnered with an Urban Planner that specializes in designing master-planned communities in British Columbia, including Vancouver Island. Their expertise in understanding the local environment and community helped inform the commitments.

About the Survey

Why is this survey being conducted?

The survey is being conducted to have the citizens of Parksville assist in forming the vision for the development proposal for 1465 Greig Road, Parksville.

How will the survey data be used?

The data gathered from the survey will help direct District Developments Corp.’s focus to areas of the development proposal that may require changes or improvement, impacting the approach to the development proposal. This data may be included in the recommendations and staff report that are presented to the City of Parksville Mayor and Council further along in the project phases. The survey data will be summarized and anonymized if reported on directly. 

Are my survey responses confidential and is the survey secure?

Yes, all survey responses are anonymous. We are using a third-party firm, SurveyMonkey, to manage this survey. Any individually identifying information will not be shared by SurveyMonkey at any time with District Developments Corp. or any other entity. Results are reported in summary form only. To learn more about SurveyMonkey go to

To ensure full confidentiality respondents completing the online survey will do so directly through an external, secure Canadian based website set up by SurveyMonkey. SurveyMonkey follows the principles outlined in the Government of Canada’s Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans to maintain confidentiality of respondents’ responses.

Can I take the survey and who is being asked to complete the survey?

We encourage those who live, work, attend school and/or spend a significant amount of their day in Parksville on a regular basis to take the survey.

Who selected the survey questions?

The survey questions were selected by District Developments Corp.

How long will the survey take to complete?

The survey will take 7-10 minutes. There is also a “save and return later” feature allowing respondents to complete the survey in more than one sitting. Questions without an asterisk can also be skipped.

Who can I contact?

Who can I contact if I have additional questions or comments?

If you have additional questions or comments please contact District Developments Corp. by e-mail at or by mail at P.O. Box 41060, RPO Woodgrove, Nanaimo, BC, V9T 6M7.