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This is an online platform for Parksville residents to help shape a future residential development proposed for the riverside area of Parksville at 1465 Greig Road. The developer, District Developments Corp. encourages you to participate and stay connected to the issues that matter to you. 

The Riverside Development Online Survey that took place between July 1, 2021 to September 30, 2021 is now closed. Thank you everyone for your participation. The proposal is at the very early planning stages and your input will assist in forming the vision for the development. Please register your email address below to stay informed on the next update for riverside Parksville and for future engagement opportunities.

Project Phases

Our commitments

The riverside area of 1465 Greig Road is located within one of Parksville’s designated Planned Neighbourhoods. Over the years, this undeveloped privately owned property has gradually evolved to comprise an extension of nearby nature trails and natural surroundings, visited by local residents. As we look towards the long-term future of this area, we want to incorporate the nature trails and surroundings to be an accessible place for Parksville residents.

Here are our current commitments for the riverside area. Your engagement will help us refine these:

▸ Environmental Sensitivity and Enhancement.

Enhance the natural and disturbed areas that may be conserved on the site as part of a comprehensive parks, trails and open space network, that is connected internally and externally to adjoining neighbourhoods, the Englishman River, and the Englishman River Regional Park.

▸ Flood Management

Conserve the designated lowland/floodplain areas for flood management purposes and propose flood prevention measures in any of the development areas where required.

▸ Wetland Conservation

As part of natural drainage, local wildlife conservation, rainwater management and water cleansing, investigate ways to conserve the major wetlands on the site and enhance them as community amenities, environmental assets, and wildlife interpretation areas.

▸ Variety and Choice of Housing For Locals

Provide residents with housing options that provide diversity of choices and inclusivity for everyone – from students and young professionals to families, seniors and beyond. Any development is proposed to also have a generous dedication of open space.

▸ Active and Healthy Community

Encourage healthy and active lifestyles by investigating ways to provide bike paths and walking trails that connect each resident with the internal park space and the vast network of regional trails.

▸ Green Streets and Infrastructure

Consider implementing a soft-touch and sensitive street network that is safe for pedestrians and bicyclists and includes sidewalks/pathways and street trees as well as additional plantings along the streets.

▸ Planning for the Future and Socially Inclusive

Create a community that thinks of the future now and provide opportunities to accommodate the changes to come in terms of energy use, storm events, social inclusion, and community spaces.

▸ Community Engaged

Listen and collaborate with the local and regional community in providing housing, land uses, and trails that are necessary to fulfill a variety of housing and recreation/wellness needs.

The residential development being proposed is located east of Englishman River, south of Greig Road and north of Inland Island Highway (19). The area has been designated as a Planned Neighbourhood by the City of Parksville.

Help us shape the future

This is only the start of the process. As we continue to plan out the vision, we will be asking for more public input. Please submit your email address to stay informed during the upcoming phases.

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District Developments Corp. is a real estate development company passionate about building exceptional projects designed purposely on the needs and desires of the local community. We have a lot of experience working on Vancouver Island, which includes projects in Nanaimo, Sidney, Victoria, Colwood and a master-planned community in Anderson Hill.

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Should you have a question or comment for District Developments Corp. about the development proposal or this online platform you can contact us at:

P.O. Box 41060
RPO Woodgrove
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